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Who we are:

Iris Disse with Kiliku David Honer Daniela

We are a couple of european artists working in filmaking, writing, cooking and music who have been living in Ecuador for 19 years. Our place is located in the foothills of the Ilalo volcano, an ancestral and mystical place and natural reserve. (Don´t worry the volcano is extinct.)

We are living in a rural indian community near Quito.

We very much enjoy interacting in both city and natural environments.

We would like to open our space and share it with other open minded people.

We can make contact with other ecuadorian artists and different indigenous groups from all around Ecuador. We can put you in touch with friends and Shamanic Culture.

Our third colleague is Daniela, a professional in tourism, Shiatsu terapist and Chi Gong teacher. She is very glad to welcome and give information about the house, our "La Sala" activities and events as well as excursions and tips for travelers in this beautiful country.

Iris Disse, David Höner & Daniela

Contact Us and enjoy living in a unique place!

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