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Durgas Tiger School

A yoga vacation is a gift you can give to yourself! You can relax, deep into yoga practice, heal yourself, share beautiful moments with other people, enjoy with events we organize, enjoy art, dance, meditation, music, a really nice vegetarian food, nature and know something more about ancient knowledge of this beautiful country. For more informationgo to this link: http://durgas-tiger-school.com/yoga-vacations

Medicin journey to Ecuador with Shamans in the Amazon Jungle and of the Andes


Shaman Ayahuasca

Join us on this medicin journey with shamans, who do healing sessions with the holy plants of Ayahuasca/Yagé and San Pedro in the landscapes, where the plants come from: in the Andes and the jungle. We arrive in Casa Kiliku, a place near Quito on the holy vulcano Ilalo.We will bath in hot watersprings in the high Andes and travel on canus in jungle rivers and lagoons. You can learn about medicin plants of the amazon and how to prepare the power plants. Iris Disse is a composer and filmmaker who works with Indigenous people and their medicine since 20 years.

In every journey can participate maximal 12 vision seekers.

Price: 1489 US Dollar. It includes board and lodging, travels, rituals with shamans and healers, medicine.

Iris Disse: drache33@yahoo.com David Honer: bireboim@gmail.com webside: www.casakiliku.com/events.shtml

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Iris Disse Documentary film "Selva de Esperanza - 04" Timecode: 0:30s

Ayahuasca - NOCHE DE RITUAL, a trance journey in the amazon jungle by Iris Disse,



An Ayahuasca - Ritual in the Amazon jungle by Iris Disse

the sun crashes,
the jaguar leaps.
sun – jaguar - me.
sun – jaguar – me.
Turn ; move; dance, dance, dance.
Woman , Jaguar, Sun,
Turn; move; dance, dance, dance.
( ayahuasca song)

When I see my life as a river, the rituals are like islands of intensity, beauty and ecstasy. Without my rituals I could not work as an artist.
Last year it was during my recordings for a feature, that a Cofan Shaman at the river Agua Rico invited me to take Ayahusaca with his people.
Sometimes power plants can open doors to other dimensions of existence for Europeans and they have visions that can be implemented in the everyday world.

It’s night. I'm walking on a little path in the jungle. Beside me, the broad stream of Agua Rico shines sluggishly in the moonlight.
Now we are immersed under giant trees in a play of light with moving shadows. It cracks. I cling to Miguel.
There is no path that one could detect, only the silver points of moonlight here and there on huge leaves.
How long ?
Time is no more.
We come to a clearing. A roof made of leaves. In the corner on the opposite side is a small fire. The loud ritual narrative voice of the Yachak , the Schaman. Laughter.
He attracts the spirits, tells them stories.
Blue and red long feather inserted through the nasal wall and the earlobe. Feather crown. The face painted red. Jaguar fur around his shoulders. A blue robe. An image of power.

I want to go pee. The Yachak interrupts himself. Says in bad Spanish: Do not go there. The ghosts are there, behind the fire.
I 'm intimidated. Clamant the noise of the crickets, the frogs , the symphony of the jungle night. We sit still for a long, long time.
Then the man scoops a liquid out of an old tin pot and begins to sing.
He offers us the Ayahuasca - the Vine of Death. It is a sacred drink from jungle vines and leaves which is used in all Amazonian cultures for healing of physical and mental suffering and to seek visions. It supports the shaman to travel in spirit worlds to retrieve lost soul parts and connects with the spiritual world of nature.
It tastes bitter, very bitter.
The Surupanga of dry leaves rustling close to my ear.
I relax , despite my increasing fear.
I hear voices that come towards me from the now glowing thicket. The visions come like images, they are music.
Listen to the rain.
The boa awakens –
See how she lifts her head and sticks out her tongue!
The boa swallows me.
The boa swallows me.
The boa takes me deep into myself.
Help me to awaken!
(ayahuasca song)

I feel part of the magical world around us.
Dolphin movement, I dive under and on again. I 'm here present, hearing the singing shaman, then again I will be absorbed by the images given to me by the powerful spirit of Yagé.
I look above me the canopy full of holes. Moonbeams swirl through the room.
Here is a musical Patitur in my head - a journey into trance music.
It is the encounter in a ritual night - a lover, a shaman , the deep mysterious jungle, the world , the cosmos and me.
Two worlds first collide and then merge - my west - rational world and the magical world of the Amazon Indigenous people who live in a time in which everything is connected to everything..

Death plant
Power plant
sacred plant
Show me the way
Where is my way
Show me, show me visions.

I hear:
This composition is just that - the encounter. The chants of the shaman are left natural, they are the way they are. The visions are mine and they have their own space. Both worlds are woven together in this musical trance journey.
We talk the next day with the Cofanes - they love the idea of creating a music CD and evaluating the project as a way to carry their heritage to the world.

We are very concrete:
10 percent of the revenue will go to the village. They will be able to rebuild the ritual house of ayahuasca, so that the rain does not fall in on them.

I drive back to Quito. Find wonderful musicians who participate. The recording starts. The vision becomes true.
Today you can buy the trance journey "AYAHUASCA - NOCHE DE RITUAL" in "Amazon".

PS A wealth of Ecuador lies in its many different autonomous indigenous ethno. Most of them live in the Amazon basin.
The Cofanes are a small tribe with only three villages which are located in the jungle on the Agua Rico, near the Columbian border.
Because of the problems with the coca plants along the border and the oil production in their territory, the survival of these Ethnos is endangered.

Iris Disse is a vocalist, a movie maker, an international lecturer and a composer of experimental radio plays and acoustic art. She has lived in Ecuador for eighteen years and has won international awards for her films with indigenous people.
In January of 2014 she will organize medicinal journeys to visit the Shamans of the Andes and the Amazon Jungle.

Contact: drache33@yahoo.com

Iris Disse

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