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How to get to Casa Kiliku?

Iris Disse, David Honer
Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, segunda acequia.
EC170910 Tumbaco (near Quito).

Directions for taxi drivers:

Arriving from Quito, you enter in Tumbaco through the Interoceánica, you will see Santa María supermarket on your right and you just follow straight on for about one kilometer more. You must turn right in the Guayaquil Street on the opposite site of “Gasolinera Primax” (gas station) by the “Semaforo” light. Drive towards the “Colegio Pachamama”, crossing a bridge over “Ruta Viva” Highway, until you get to a big football field in Rumihuaico area (Comuna Leopoldo Chávez). You go straight up to the hill, after 100 meters the street makes a Y split. Then you keep right (the oposite direction from Pachamama) up hill on the new paved road. You follow 1 and a half kilometers more or less and on the right side you see a blue house. Casa Kiliku is directly behind it. Look for the little sign that says “Casa Kiliku lote 169”.

If you arrive by the Ruta Viva from Quito you take the entrance after “Intervalles”, just after the 8th Km. This entrance doesn’t have a sign it’s located between “Intervalles” exit and “Tola Chica” exit, it goes up to a bridge that connects with “Calle Carchi”. When you arrive up to the bridge you turn right and follow untill the Rumihuaico football field. From there you follow directions as it is explained up here.
From the airport by the Ruta Viva you enter after “Tola Chica” exit. (KM 8th). When you get to the bridge that connects with “Calle Carchi”, you turn left. 
If you take the wrong exit and you enter from “Tola Chica”, you find another bridge where you can turn back and follow a lateral street of Ruta Viva untill the brige that connects with “Calle Carchi”

Tumbaco, Rumihuaico, 25min from Quito, Ilaló volcano, "camino a la Cruz", spectacular view.

See Casa Kiliku over Google Maps

See Casa Kilikuover Google Maps

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